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Sport Timer 3000 with 1 beam set

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Sport-Timer 3000 Wireless Controller with Wireless IR Beam 

Now with all the features you expect

 You can add 4 or 6 digit LCD displays in the future
We have combined our Sport-Timer and Barrel Racing Software into one compact Controller.
Buy a Sport-Timer Controller and get all of the features which you can use for your particular event or any number of different events.
Count Up or Down event clock from 0 seconds to 10 hours or 10 hours to 0 seconds programmable in full seconds or parts of seconds.
Total control over Start and Stop Signals.
Read out on the Sport-Timer Screen to 1000's of a Second.
Programmable up to 100 Laps and Splits
Stores the last 100 Events for Recall
Wireless operation of One or More Sets of remote Beams for Start, Intermediate, and Finish Gates, ideal for Track and Field Training or Western Barrel Racing.
Programmable for Circuit Training or Workouts with signals.
Runs on 9 Volt DC Batteries available anywhere.
You can add additional IR Beams and Displays to this system at any time.